As the name suggests, push and pull golf trolleys are manually powered, with push trolleys being pushed, and pull trolleys being pulled. The main difference between the two is in the wheels, as a traditional pull trolleys have two wheels, whereas push trolleys include an extra wheel to allow it to be pushed with ease. (That being said, some brands even offer four-wheeled options too.) However, the purpose of the two types trolley is the same: to carry the weight of your golf bag so you don’t have to.

Of the two options, three-wheeled push golf trolleys are the most popular among golfers as they are much sturdier and easier to manoeuvre. No matter what terrain you are playing on. It’s also less taxing on shoulder muscles, allowing golfers to conserve much-needed energy for their swings instead. But if your golf course is generally flat, a two-wheeled golf trolley will be perfect for you as it’s easy to pull along and won’t put any unnecessary strain on your body.

In addition, most push trolleys (three-wheeled options) come with accessories like, foot brakes to hold them still while playing a hole, or for slowing them down if you’re going downhill. You may also find some push trolleys come with extra features, such as smooth bearings and larger wheels, which help the trolley to glide over the grass with ease.

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